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Kverneland Arable Systems – iM FARMING® 100% ISOBUS

Kverneland, today, is the first manufacturer offering ISOBUS controlled implements for all arable farming processes* - from cultivation and seeding to crop care. 


Maximum return on investments - that is what iM FARMING®, Kverneland Group’s concept for precision farming solutions is all about. The farming society is becoming more and more aware of the potential benefits of precision farming for crop production and the environment. 


Efficient use of land, water and fertiliser – drilling with GPS and GEOCONTROL

iM Farming® solutions for Seeding and Crop Care

Saving seeds and fertiliser by more precise  application and avoiding any double application have an immediate pay-off. The iM Farming® solutions of GEOCONTROL®, GEOSEED®, GEOSPREAD® and MULTIRATE (variable rate application) have already been well established within the product range of Kverneland seed drills, precision drills, sprayers and spreaders. 


GEOSPREAD® and MULTIRATE (variable rate application)

iM Farming® solutions for Tillage

“Now, Kverneland have opened the next chapter of precision farming by offering ISOBUS controlled solutions also for primary and secondary tillage,” Dominik Haselhorst, Product Director, ploughs, cultivators & harrows explains. “After the successful launch of the i-plough® in 2015, this year Kverneland proudly presents the first ISOBUS cultivator: Turbo T i-tiller, for stubbling and seedbed preparation.” 


Kverneland 100% ISOBUS

Hence, Kverneland is the first manufacturer to offer ISOBUS technology for all processes of arable farming. Within tillage, it is the optimised adjustment of the implements on the go which ensures savings of fuel and best results in the field for high yields. Not to forget the increase in operator comfort and extended durability of the machine. 

All these Kverneland implements are ISOBUS compatible and AEF certified. They can be operated in combination with the Kverneland IsoMatch Tellus PRO, IsoMatch Tellus GO or any other ISOBUS compatible tractor terminal. The IsoMatch FarmCentre will act as a communication platform and allows the farmer to visualize implement data, task data and tracking but also enables them to draw their own fields, set up and export fertiliser and seeding maps.

Intelligent farming solutions for the full Kverneland arable portfolio give farmers a full choice and control to look for the right solutions meeting individual requirements for a maximum return on investments. 



*Reference: AEF data base 07.08.2019 - https://www.aef-isobus-database.org






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